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Our Products

AutoLib – is a popular and advanced integrated Library automation management software, designed and developed by a  team of Library & Information Science specialists, database designers, software developers and network specialists.

AutoLib software is a fully integrated, versatile, user-friendly, cost-effective and multi-user Library automation software.

It is  WEB enabled for Intranet and Internet environments, incorporating latest IT/WEB tools and techniques and adheres  to many international standards.

It is designed to automate various activities of Libraries in  Universities, Colleges, Schools, R&D institutions, Public Libraries and Corporate, Management and Special institutions, etc. regardless of types of collection or size and also provide WEB based services on the campus Intranet/Internet.

Installed in more than 400 reputed institutions in India and Abroad

Technology used:

Microsoft Technology
Java Technology
Open Source Technology

AutoLib - an Integrated Library Automation Management Software - available in various versions such as

Standard Edition
Advanced Edition - Multi Campus/ Location
Advanced Edition - University
Enterprise Edition - Corporate & RD
Public Library - Advanced Edition
Public Library - Standard Edition
Bilingual (Tamil and English) - Advanced Edition
School Library Edition

Web Library- Java

Web Library - Open Source (Linux)



DigitalCat ( Digital Library)

This module allows to create and maintain database of digital library resources such as e-books, e-journals, audio/ video clippings, images, pictures, photos, animations, web resources, computer files, etc based on Dublin Core metadata standard. It also allows to search and retrieve data.

JAPAR (Journal Articles Performance Analysis Reporter)

To monitor the research output (publications) in an institution - author wise- year wise - country wise - subject wise - IF - Statistics - Reports - Performance - Digital Content

AutoLib SMS Service - To provide library services through SMS

AutoLib Mobile Service - To provide library services on the user mobiles

AutoLib _ DigitalCat  ( Digital Library)


AutoLib  Add-on Tools

  • Export /Import Tool
  • Z39.50 Client
  • Auto Alert Service
  • Auto Reminder through E-mail
  • Online user  SDI Profile Management
  • Online Research Diary
  • Interface to DCU/Smart Card/Biometrics
  • Reprographic Management/ILL
  • Networking of libraries for resource sharing
  • Quick Mail Manager


AutoLib - Integrating Software

RFID Integrator
IVRS Integrator
Biometrics Integrator

AutoLib Software Tools

Quick Mail Manager
Export and Import Tool

Salient Features of Library Management Software  

  • Easy to use /data entry made simple
  • Handles lakhs of records more efficiently
  • Customisable data entry screen
  • Multimedia interface
  • Simple and fast  counter transactions
  • Efficient circulation management system
  • Book ordering and serial control  made simple
  • Sorting/printing large number of reports/ statistics in any desired order and export into different file formats (Excel/Word/ASCII)
  • Global  update of  field values, due date, etc
  • GUI interface/ Client/server architecture
  • Supports TCP/IP protocol for networking
  • Powerful search  ( Boolean Query Builder) facility
  • SDI,CAS and online  diary facilities
  • WEB interface to search various databases
  • Allows networking of libraries for sharing resources and exchange of data
  • Cataloguing  as per international standards
  • Display/printing of records in AACR/ MARC/CCF/Dublin Core  formats/standards
  • Export and import of data as per ISO 2709
  • Tracking  users movement in the library
  • Interface to barcode scanners/printers/data capturing unit/smart card/bio-metrics
  • Online  stock verification support
  • Auto due reminder  to users mailbox/E-mail
  • Transaction alerts through SMS
  • Online help/user manual
  • User ID  and  password for  various menus
  • Database security/backup and recovery
  • Adequate training/periodical product up gradation/customization/ customer support




1. Database Management - Cataloguing

 This module allows to create, update/edit  and maintain the following databases.

  • Books, Book- Bank,  Thesis, Proceedings, Standards, Conference Proceedings- Reports, Patents, etc.
  • Journal- Issues,  Articles, Bound Volumes
  • Non-book materials/ CD, Video/Audio tapes, Microfilm, Microfiche, News paper clippings
  • Members,  Departments , Courses, Groups
  • E-Books - Digital Content
  • Authority List - Authors, Publishers, Suppliers, Subjects, Keywords


2. Search (Online Public Access Catalogue)
This module is designed to search all the above databases using  important fields and print the search results in any desired format/order. This module has:

i. Simple  Search -( for  beginners)- to search the database using important fields such as  Accession Number, Call Number, Author, Title, Edition, Year, Publisher, Subject, Keywords, Department, Availability, etc.

ii. Advanced Query Builder ( for experienced  users)   – to search the database  by selecting the desired field(s), criteria for search (starting with, anywhere(like), truncation, word), Boolean Operators(AND, OR, NOT) and sorting order from a list of fields and printing in various formats

iii. Restricted Search – to search letter by letter

3. Circulation Management - Transaction
 This module is designed  for all types of counter transactions ( for all documents types) such as:

  • Issue/Renewal /Return/Recall
  • Reservation / Reservation Cancel
  • Reminders/Overdue receipt/No-due certificate
  • Overdue reports (based on many criteria)
  • Statistics/Reports for  all counter transactions (daily/weekly/monthly/between specific dates)

4. Report Management

This module is designed to generate and print a large number of reports such as: List of books by author, title, unique titles publisher, supplier, call number, subject, dept, accession number, date, book type and list of journals/publishers/suppliers/members, etc. It also allows to print accession register, catalogues, amount spent by type of documents/depts/subjects and bibliographic  reports.  All types of statistics/reports for the management  can be generated for AICTE/NBA,UGC/NAAC, IMC.

5. System Administration

This module allows to:

  • Create new user log-in, password and grant rights to access various modules
  • Create group master – to set  due date,  allowed  cards for different documents for  different  groups of users globally
  • Set over due charge  at  various stages/holiday
  • Maintain budget master
  • Back-up, export and import of data
  • Update database globally using various fields
  • Generate charts 



6. Acquisition Control  System (Book Ordering)

This module is designed to automate various activities involved in book ordering & processing.

  • Indent - request for new books (manual/online), checking for duplicates
  • Approval, processing,  book ordering
  • Receipt of  documents and invoice processing
  • Order follow-up, payment to suppliers
  • Budgeting and accounting
  • Transfer the processed indents to database
  • Status reports, vendor information, etc.

7. Serial Control System -(Journals) - This module is designed to   automate various activities involved in subscription  of journals.

  • Creation and maintenance of journal master
  • Enquiry and approval of journals
  • Subscription /renewal of journals
  • Invoice processing, payment
  • Receipt of issues and entry (like Kardex)
  • Claiming missing issues/replacement
  • Browsing/searching  issues
  • Bound  volumes , bindery management, etc

8. Article Indexing

This module allows to create and maintain journal articles database. It also allows to search and retrieve data based on several fields/criteria.

9. Question Banks

This modules allows to create and maintain question banks and retrieve questions

10. Online Stock Verification

 This module  allows  for online stock verification of library resources using Barcode Scanner, Data Capturing Unit and generate reports of  books such as - missing, lost, issued, binding, transferred condemned, available, etc.

11. Student Gate Entry Register

To monitor the usage of Library resources by students, faculty and others

 C. WEB Modules

12. Web Library

This module allows to search various databases using browsers ( such as Internet Explorer)  on LAN/Intranet/Internet environment using WEB servers. It has:
i. Simple Search ii. Advanced Search (Query Builder), iii. Dictionary based search  modules
Other features:
User Statistics/Online Reservation/Online Research Diary, User Profile Management, etc

13. Web Counter Reports -  This module is designed to generate  many counter transactions reports such as issue/return of books (daily/weekly) and based on several criteria.

14. E-Resources Linking

This module allows to link various e-resources on the web with details

Minimum Requirements:
HW  Any latest machine with 2GB RAM, 360 GB HD,  and other accessories
OS: Windows - 2000 server - Linux
AutoLib Linux version: Linux and MySqL                                                                             

More than  400 reputed  Universities, Engineering, Arts & Science Colleges, Central     R  & D Institutions, Management/Corporate Institutions, Public Libraries, Multinational Software Companies,  Schools, Special Libraries, etc from various states.

We also undertake  the following services at a nominal rate:

  • Software Development
  • Library Automation
  • Networking / Internet services
  • Web page design and hosting
  • Database creation  ( data entry)
  • Classification/Cataloguing/Indexing of Books
  • Library Digitalization/ Scanning and OCR
  • Document Archiving /Video editing
  • Office automation/ Supply of other  Software
  • Barcode solution (Scanners/Printers/DCU)
  • Smart Card/Biometrics/Bar-coded  ID cards
  • Consultancy services for all library activities/  services on turn-key basis
  • IT Training Courses on the above topics at customer’s place/or at our training centre

Please contact for further details:

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